How to Create a Positive Intention for Yourself

Creating a positive intention for yourself can impact your choices and actions. So it’s important to know what elements make an intention more powerful. Start with these basics:

  1. Make your intention positive. Sometimes people will write an intention stating what they don’t want to happen. Write your intention as though it is what you imagine happening in your life that is positive.

  2. Make your intention in the current tense. Writing your intention as though it is happening in the “here & now” versus in the future is more empowering. So instead of saying “I will” state your intention with “I am.”

  3. Make sure your intention is with the first person instead of third person. State your itention using “I” instead of “you.”

An example may be:

“I am enjoying feeling more companionship in my life with healthy and trusting friends.”

Notice how this intention is first person (“I”), positive, and present tense (“I am enjoying..”).

Go ahead—make your intention!

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