Coaching Services for Women

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is an active approach where we work together to foster your growth and potential by exploring possibilities and changing your behaviors so you can accomplish new results. During the coaching process new solutions and strategies will be identified so you can take action and build on your resourcefulness, creativity, and personal strengths. 

We collaborate together where I'll support you in discovering solutions for more breakthroughs in your life. You will be able to identify why you are stuck and what you want for your future, as we develop a course of action to get you there. I'll help you raise your awareness to what is meaningful to you and motivate you to reach it.

As your coach I'll be your ally, confidant and advocate who will work with you to:

  • Identify your potential abilities and build on your personal assests/strengths

  • Identify your options and discover solutions that work for you

  • Strategize with you to help you reach your goals

  • Support you in achieving your goals and ambitions

  • Encourage you to gain new insights and skills

  • Help you stay focused on the present for your future goals

Please contact Cyndie at 610.329.1684 or at for a free 15-minute consulation to see how coaching may help you get started living a life you love and living it powerfully.