Being worried caused by persistent feelings of guilt, fear, obligation, and shame can be daunting, and erode your joy. Chronic anxiety can also be hard on your health especially if you’re coping with a major life change. Standing at this turning point, the old way of coping may no longer be working, and yet the new road map may seem unclear. If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a vicious & unsettling cycle of anxiety, we’ll explore new solutions so you can feel relief. There is a way to move forward. With over 25 years of experience, I’m here to help you. We’ll get to the source of what causes these intense feelings so they loosen their grip allowing you to feel empowered and passionate about enjoying life again.

How does therapy help with treating anxiety?

Staying in a perpetual state of anxiety makes it difficult for the brain to let down and problem solve. Learning new coping skills in therapy gives you time to calmly pause, express your feelings and reflect so new insights, which resonate with you, unfold offering more clarity. As the grip of anxiety loosens, possibilities emerge giving focus on regaining balance, & enjoying healthier and more satisfying relationships.

Whether you choose to talk about your feelings in counseling, express an enlightening idea in art therapy or capture a fresh perspective together during walk & talk therapy at a local garden, an exciting shift takes place within you. You find yourself moving forward renewed with options for creating a new beginning & feeling confident with hope so life transitions rise into personal transformation. Call me for your free 15-minute consultation to learn how how therapy can help you today.

Learn how therapy can help with anxiety, depression & life transitions

You deserve evidence-based options of care that can expedite therapy & that are relaxing & enjoyable.

To make your therapy more enriching while your are in counseling, I also offer relaxing Walk & Talk Therapy in gardens and parks. If words alone can’t express how you feel, expressive Art Therapy—requiring no art experience— is always an option for you too.  

Contact me at or call me at 610.329.1684 for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to learn how therapy may help you.