One Main Ingredient Every Healthy Relationship Should Have: Salt.


Salt?  Yes, salt.  A good relationship is like salt.  It has these common characteristics:

It’s a preservative. 

How do you keep your relationship alive?

How do you protect it from harm or injury?

What promises do you make to each other?

How have you celebrated making it through hard times?

It’s a curative.

How do you restore the relationship?

What salves do you have on hand to remedy hurt?

How do you help one another?

What do you do to keep your relationship healthy?

Its’ an enhancer.

How do you bring out the best in each other?

What enriching things do you do for your relationship?

How are you working to improve the relationship? Yourself?

How do you show appreciation for one another?  How often?

How do you suppress bitterness?

It’s a nutrient.

How do you nourish your relationship?  How often?

What gives your relationship energy?

What builds your relationship?

It’s a binding agent. 

What keeps you truly committed or sticking together?  In the tough times?

It’s a unit measure of exchange.

Do you feel mutually respected?

Do you both mutually reciprocated?

It’s shaped like infinity.

Need I say anything more?

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