4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Have a Healthy Lifestyle


One reason people feel anxious may be because life has started to feel out of balance.   Checking in with yourself to see if you are managing four basic areas of your lifestyle can be a quick way to see what areas of your life need to be addressed.  Take a piece of paper and fold it in four sections.  Label each section with the following heading:





Start to fill in each section with how you are addressing each lifestyle area.  Think in terms of what you are doing weekly to attend to each area.

Physical aspects of caring may include:

  • Getting daily exercise by doing something you enjoy

  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet

  • Drinking enough water daily

  • Getting appropriate health care if in need

  • Taking any necessary medication and/or supplements

  • Reducing exposure to toxins

  • Getting massages to reduce tense muscles

  • Stretching with basic gentle yoga movements

  • Having appropriate eye wear

  • Getting fresh air and sunlight

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Having a sleep routine

  • Participating in a team sport

  • Grooming with products that promote calmness

  • Having a clean and organized home and working area

Emotional considerations:

  • Having a trusted person to discuss feelings with

  • Writing thoughts and feelings in a personal journal

  • Keeping a gratitude list

  • Going to a support group

  • Having a healthy outlet to discharge stress

  • Checking in with your personal boundaries

  • Reading books for personal growth/inspiration

  • Having something fun to look forward to

  • Giving yourself time to be alone to recharge

  • Listening to uplifting music

  • Treating yourself to simple and inexpensive indulgences

  • Providing loving self-care with a bubble bath, pedicure, manicure etc.


Social Ideas:

  • Going out with a friend

  • Calling/Face-timing a friend

  • Belonging to social groups that meets regularly

  • Actively pursuing a hobby or interest

  • Volunteering

  • Making sure you are not isolating

  • Helping a cause that is important to you

  • Finding ways to engage with your local community

  • Finding a special interest group in your area such as a Meet Up group

  • Host a simple gathering

  • Gather friends for a charity cause


Spiritual Topics:

  • Worshiping in a way that reflects your beliefs and values

  • Praying for yourself and for others

  • Expressing spiritual feelings/thoughts with music or art

  • Being with a community of those with similar beliefs

  • Having quiet time to meditate or pray

  • Having a weekly time to practice with others

  • Having a weekly time to practice your faith by yourself

  • Creating a simple ritual for a self-blessing and healing

  • Creating a prayer list for yourself

  • Creating a prayer list for others

  • Reading inspirational or books of prayer

  • Visiting a place that is healing for you

  • Creating 20-minute quiet time for meditation


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