How to create a collage for relaxation


Sometimes just cutting and pasting paper and tinkering with paints can be so relaxing. You don’t have to have an any art experience or agenda to make a beautiful piece of artwork, just a desire to play—be a kid and welcome your muse. Creating a collage is very simple. Just follow these easy steps:

You will need the following materials:

Sheet of white watercolor paper

Black fine tip permanent marker

White Gesso

Paint brush

Stamp pads in various colors you like such as Distressing ink pads and pad

Stencil that creates a simple pattern

Assortment of colorful papers and images that are pleasing to you (and your muse!)

Glue and/or flat matte medium


Easy-breezy steps

  1. Write free flowing thoughts on watercolor paper with fine tip permanent black marker. (Go ahead and let your thoughts flow—they will be covered up with paint and paper!)

  2. Paint over your words using white gesso allowing some words to show.

  3. Distress the paper using distressing ink pads and stamps.

  4. Stencil the paper with another distress ink color to make 2-tone effect.

  5. Make a design using the assortment of paper and images that is pleasing to you (You—)

  6. Photo your design.

  7. Glue your paper down using your photo as a reference. Use a glue stick or flat matte medium.

  8. Add a quote if you’d like…

  9. Highly your collage with watercolors and/or pull back colors with more gesso.

  10. Wha-la! You’re done! Have fun admiring your creativity! You went from white paper to a collage all evident from using of your creative spirit!

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